Jira Rest API

This article will cover Jira Cloud and Server rest API endpoints.

Jira Cloud supports both version 2 and 3 rest API

Jira Cloud – Get Requests v2


Jira Cloud – Get Requests v3


Jira Cloud – Post Request v2

      "project": {
      "summary":"Jira Rest API on Local via Postman with Epic link",
      "description":"Creating an issue using project keys and issue type",
      "issuetype": {
      "customfield_10100": "JOL-4"

Jira Server – Get Requests v2

Jira Server doesn’t support version 3. The endpoints are the same as Jira Cloud – Get Request v2

Jira Server – Post Request v2

Jira Server only support version 2. The endpoints are the same as Jira Cloud – Post Request v2







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